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111 / A / 5, Harsh Nagar Chowk, Kanpur, U.P.
+91-9151 308 078 | 0512 - 2540240 | 9453374649
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+91 9151 308 078
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Better Vision without Glasses

Abous us

Kannika Hospital is located at the heart of Uttar Pradesh’s largest city, Kanpur. It is listed as a major international ophthalmology center by The International Congress of Ophthalmology.
The hospital was established in 2004, and since then has been one of the leading hospitals in the state. Hospital received the prestigious accreditation for ‘Patient Safety & Quality of Care’ awarded by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) in the year 2017.
Our aim at Kannika is to provide quality treatment to patients under a team of highly qualified doctors.

Kannika hospital is also active in the field of community healthcare. We work under the umbrella of Vanshidhar Netra Chikisalaya, a 25 year old NGO, in collaboration with international NGOs such as Sight Saver, IFFCO, and HelpAge.
Hospital has provided clinical assistance in several national and international projects and worked with Govt. of India to reduce blindness. Kannika is engaged in conducting continuous training and research and development programs and has over a period, developed an excellent team of highly skilled Ophthalmic specialists and surgeons, to assist in its growth plans.

The Hospital has always been at the forefront of every medical advancements in the field of healthcare in the state. It believes that the best possible care and outcomes are the result of dedication, compassion and autonomy of the doctors who ensure that patient care and medical ethics will be pre- eminent over commercial imperatives.

Medical Services


General Operation Theatre

Operation Theater Complex has three O.T.'s with proper sterialization setup, Air Circulation Unit with Hepa-Micron filter, Central Gas Line with Pedents. Main O.T. has got Radio-Translucent, Multi-position table, Siemens 'C' Arm and special equipments for orthopaedic surgeries like Trauma, spine, knee & hip replacement etc.

OT is fully equipped with latest complete Laproscopic kit having 3D 3-chip camera with LED light source for all types of surgeries like Laproscopic Cholecystectomy, Appendix, Hernia, LAVH etc.

Ophthalmology Services

  • Non Contact Tonometry (Nidek)

  • Automated Perimetry (Oculus)

  • Applanation Tonometry & Gonioscopy

  • Yag - Laser

  • Digital Fluorescein Angiography (Kowa)

  • Green Laser Retinal Photocoagulation (Nidek)

  • Cryopexy Retina

  • Optical Coherence Tomography

  • Indirect Ophthalmoscopy

Obs & Gynae

  • The hospital has decent Labour Room Complex with 2 Pre-labour beds and complete privacy, backed by fetal monitoring (CTG) & NICU. A team of Obstetrician & Gynecologists, female Resident doctors & experienced staff ensures safe delivery. We provide special care for high risk pregnancy.



  • Daily Free General OPD in all major specialities 9.00 AM to 11.00 AM

  • Free Casualty Services with round the clock Emergency & Trauma Center

  • Air Conditioned Patient Transfer Ambulance

  • Private Consultation by appointment

  • Indoor Services: General Ward, Economy, Semi Private, Private & Deluxe Rooms

  • X-Ray: 500 MA, Ultrasound with Transrectal/Vaginal & Soft Tissue Probes (Siemens & Wipro GE) with Digital Laser Printing

  • Laboratory: Fully automatic Haematology Counter, Bio-Chemistry Analyser, Blood Gases Analyser & facilities of complete Bacteriology & Histopathology (EQAS - UK Certified Quality Standard)

  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU): With all life-support systems & Multiparameter (ECG, SPo2, NIBFD, Respiration & Temp.) (Schellers) Ventilator (Savina) etc.

  • Three Operation Theaters: with Laminar flow, Hepafilters & C-Arm (Siemens) facility for all Endoscopic, Laparscopic, Hip & Knee Replacement & Cataract Operation under Microscope with Phaco and IOL etc.

  • Ultra Modern Labour Room and birthing beds with CTG monitoring

  • 24 hours Pharmacy

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